Ooma Connect - Quick Start Guide

Step 1 - Power it On

Starting Up the Device

Connect your device to an AC power outlet using the included power adapter
Switch the power button to the ON position (–)

When the device has completed its startup procedure, its SYS LED will change from orange to green.

Power it On

Step 2 - Find a Strong Signal

Establish LTE Connection:
The device automatically connects to the strongest available signal when it is powered on

Use these tips to find the strongest signal:
■ If possible, place the device near a window
■ Place the device on the highest possible floor of the building
■ Do not place the device within five feet of a large metal object, such as a water heater or refrigerator

To locate the strongest signal, try placing the device in different places within the room, in different rooms, and on different sides of the building

LED signals

Step 3 - Connect Devices to Wireless Network

To find the network name (also known as SSID) and password, open the device’s back cover You will find the name (WiFi SSID 1) and password (WiFi-PWD:) on the bottom-left side of the label.

Open the WiFi settings on the device you are trying to connect to get a list of nearby networks Select the WiFi network with the name that is listed on the bottom of the device, which usually starts with the letters GTC

Wireless Network's name and password

Guide to Status Lights

Guide to Status Lights

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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